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Division 1 Coaches Share Their Top Tips

Oct 26 2015

Looking to play lacrosse in college? Maybe you have a friend or family member you want to help reach the highest level in the sport, or perhaps you didn’t make the team but haven’t given up hope. Eight Division I coaches shared their top tips with Girls Lacrosse HQ to help young recruits reach the […]

A Complete Guide To Playing Lacrosse After College

Oct 02 2015

You are most likely reading this article because you don’t want to put down your stick after your High School or College playing days are over.  We don’t blame you! By the end of this article, we will have you strapping on the goggles and running on to the field to play. Let’s talk about […]

Traveling With Your Lacrosse Stick

Sep 10 2015

When you are traveling by plane, you’re going to want to make sure you know what the rules are about bringing your lacrosse stick along with you. Bringing Your Lacrosse Stick As Individual Carry-on As of the time we are writing this article, a fully assembled lacrosse stick is not allowed on a plane as […]

Lacrosse Movies – Our Sport on the Big Screen

Sep 04 2015

We looked at all the references for the sport of lacrosse on screen and wrote a summary here for you to check out what you might be interested in watching.  We looked at: Lacrosse in Movies Lacrosse on TV Documentaries related to Lacrosse When you love an up and coming sport like Lacrosse, it is […]

Why It’s Time to Upgrade Your Girls Lacrosse Stick

Aug 31 2015

Most girl’s lacrosse sticks are built to last, which is an important aspect when purchasing a new stick. But all too often many youth players grow up playing with one stick and aren’t aware of when to make the switch to a more advanced stick. For a beginner, picking a stick based on fit and […]