Review of the STX Exult 500 Girls Lacrosse Stick Head

When you get a wand like this in your hands to review, you want someone with serious experience to take on the task.  That’s why we asked former Division 1 player and GirlsLacrosseHQ staff writer Kristi Tamasitis to put the STX Exult 500 head to the test.  As you will read in this article and see in this video, this is one serious head.

By the end of this review, you will have the information you need to make an informed decision about whether or not the STX Exult 500 is right for you.  In this review we will talk about:

  • Technical specs
  • The optimal player for this stick
  • Special features of the stick and what it adds to your game
  • Why one new feature will get more goals on the stat sheet guaranteed

Technical Specifications

  • 10° technology drives the ball to the sweet spot for the quickest release and great ball feel
  • Includes new String LockTM technology, which allows you to set your pocket to help prevent bagging
  • Patented Elastomer Overmold reduces ball rattle
  • Minimum sidewall height for deepest legal pocket
  • Maximum overall pinch
  • C-ChannelTM technology provides reinforced sidewalls for stability on the draw
  • Flexible scoop for easy groundball pickup
  • Complete stick includes Composite 10° handle
STX Exult 500 Stick Head

STX Exult 500 Stick Head

Stick Head Review

This stick has a lot of awesome features that lend to both new and veteran players. At first glance I thought it would be perfect for a low attacker, or an offensive midfielder; however, as I continued to play around with the stick, I think it would suit any player on the field.

Right away I noticed that this stick has an extremely light weight. This is great for midfielders looking for that slight difference in weight over many miles of running during a game combined with the repetitions of moving the head across your body.  As you can see in the video, I could easily switch hands at the last minute to catch a ball on the opposite side of my body. Passing and catching is fluent and the Exult 500 passes the mobility test with flying colors.

Besides being light weight, this head has great control. One of the things that makes it unique is the pinched head. This feature would allow me to cradle around and through defenders without the ball wobbling around in the head. This would be great for attackers and midfielders cradling through traffic and going to goal. Being a retired defensive midfielder, this stick would have been helpful for me after getting a ground ball and cradling my way out of traffic during my days at Saint Bonaventure.

Not only does this pinched head help with control, but it is huge for girls that take the draw. The place on the head where the ball is positioned by the ref is pinched and will allow you to gain control of the draw in your stick.  Once the ball is secure in your stick, the control you have with the pinched head will allow you to easily place the ball anywhere you want.

The strings on this stick give every pass precision and power. From the defenders to the attackers, this stick is a great choice to get the perfect pass every time. Attackers behind the net will be able to make those tough passes to cutters. The defenders will be able to make crisp hard passes in transition with ease. As you can see the passes are sharp and hit the same spot on the wall.

While passing with this stick lends itself to advance, competitive players, this stick has such give and would be very helpful for young players (middle/high school) who are still working on catching.

STX String Lock Technology

STX String Lock Technology

One final feature that really put this stick on my wish list was the rubber piece on the back that holds you stick strings in place. There is no bigger headache than having to fix your stick, or your players’ sticks before a game. Not to mention, when a goal is taken back because of an illegal stick, the whole team suffers. This rubber “string lock” allows a player to pull strings into place and lock them in tight. No more knotting, braiding and taping stick strings game after game! Recommendation

I was pretty convinced that the Exult 500 belongs on my wish list so I am giving it a 5 star recommendation to the GLHQ community.  If you are interested in buying it, you can grab it from Amazon pretty easily (this is an affiliate link and we do make a few bucks on the purchase if you buy it using this link).  If you decide to make the purchase, please let us know if you agree with our review of the STX Exult 500 by leaving a comment below.

Kristi Tamasitis

Kristi Tamasitis – Staff Writer at

Kristi Tamasitis is a staff writer at and former Division 1 Womens Lacrosse Player at Saint Bonaventure University.

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Alma 27-05-2016, 23:29

Hi. I have a question about the 10° technolgy. Does this head necessarily needs a shaft with the 10° lever? If I have a shaft without this, does this head fits?

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